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# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# (c) 2009 The University of Glasgow
# This file is part of the GHC build system.
# To understand how the build system works and how to modify it, see
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Eliminate use of the built-in implicit rules, and clear out the default list
# of suffixes for suffix rules. Speeds up make quite a bit. Both are needed
# for the shortest `make -d` output.
# Don't set --no-builtin-variables; some rules might stop working if you do
# (e.g. 'make clean' in testsuite/ currently relies on an implicit $RM).
MAKEFLAGS += --no-builtin-rules
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Sanitize environment
# See Trac #11530
export GREP_OPTIONS :=
ifneq "$(filter maintainer-clean distclean clean clean_% help,$(MAKECMDGOALS))" ""
-include mk/
include mk/
ifeq "$(ProjectVersion)" ""
$(error Please run ./configure first)
include mk/
ifeq "$(wildcard distrib/)" ""
# We're in a bindist
.PHONY: default
@echo 'Run "make install" to install'
.PHONY: install show
install show:
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $@ BINDIST=YES NO_INCLUDE_DEPS=YES
# Note [install-strip]
# install-strip is like install, but it strips the executable files while
# installing them.
# From
# "install-strip should not strip the executables in the build directory
# which are being copied for installation. It should only strip the copies
# that are installed. "
.PHONY: install-strip
# See Note [install-strip].
.PHONY: default
default : all
# For help, type 'make help'
.PHONY: help
# No need to update makefiles for these targets:
# (the ones we're filtering out)
REALGOALS=$(filter-out \
binary-dist \
binary-dist-prep \
install-strip \
sdist sdist-ghc \
sdist-ghc-prep \
sdist-windows-tarballs \
sdist-windows-tarballs-prep \
sdist-testsuite \
sdist-testsuite-prep \
bootstrapping-files \
framework-pkg \
clean \
clean_% \
distclean \
maintainer-clean \
show \
show! \
echo \
help \
test \
fulltest \
slowtest \
fasttest \
# configure touches certain files even if they haven't changed. This
# can mean a lot of unnecessary recompilation after a re-configure, so
# here we cache the old versions of these files so we can restore the
# timestamps.
%.old: %
@set -x && test -f $@ && cmp -s $< $@ || cp -p $< $@
touch -r $@ $<
# NB. not the same as saying '%: ...', which doesn't do the right thing:
# it does nothing if we specify a target that already exists.
$(REALGOALS) all: mk/ mk/ compiler/ghc.cabal.old
ifneq "$(OMIT_PHASE_0)" "YES"
@echo "===--- building phase 0"
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f phase=0 phase_0_builds
ifneq "$(OMIT_PHASE_1)" "YES"
@echo "===--- building phase 1"
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f phase=1 phase_1_builds
@echo "===--- building final phase"
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f phase=final $@
# if BINARY_DIST_DIR is not set, assume we want the old
# behaviour of placing the binary dist into the current
# directory. Provide BINARY_DIST_DIR to put the final
# binary distribution elsewhere.
.PHONY: binary-dist
binary-dist: binary-dist-prep
mv bindistprep/*.tar.$(TAR_COMP_EXT) "$(BINARY_DIST_DIR)"
.PHONY: binary-dist-prep
ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1"
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f windows-binary-dist-prep
rm -f bindist-list
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f bindist-list BINDIST=YES
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f unix-binary-dist-prep
.PHONY: install-strip
# See Note [install-strip].
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f INSTALL_PROGRAM='$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) -s' install
.PHONY: sdist sdist-ghc sdist-ghc-prep sdist-windows-tarballs sdist-windows-tarballs-prep sdist-testsuite sdist-testsuite-prep
# Just running `./boot && ./configure && make sdist` should work, so skip
# phase 0 and 1 and don't build any dependency files.
sdist sdist-ghc sdist-ghc-prep sdist-windows-tarballs sdist-windows-tarballs-prep sdist-testsuite sdist-testsuite-prep :
.PHONY: clean distclean maintainer-clean
clean distclean maintainer-clean:
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $@ CLEANING=YES
test ! -d testsuite || $(MAKE) -C testsuite $@
.PHONY: $(filter clean_%,$(MAKECMDGOALS))
$(filter clean_%, $(MAKECMDGOALS)) : clean_% :
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $@ CLEANING=YES
.PHONY: bootstrapping-files show echo
bootstrapping-files show echo:
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f $@
.PHONY: show!
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -f show NO_INCLUDE_PKGDATA=YES
ifeq "$(darwin_TARGET_OS)" "1"
.PHONY: framework-pkg
$(MAKE) -C distrib/MacOS $@
# If the user says 'make A B', then we don't want to invoke two
# instances of the rule above in parallel:
# Note [validate and testsuite speed]
# There are 3 different validate and testsuite speed settings:
# fast, normal and slow.
# how how used
# cd tests config. many many by
# validate && make speed= tests ways whom
# =============================================================================
# --fast fast 2 some 1+exs Travis (to stay within time limit)
# --normal test 1 all 1+exs Phabricator (slow takes too long?)
# --slow slow 0 all all Nightly (slow is ok)
# accept 1 all 1
# `--fast` and `--normal` run one default way, as well as any other ways which
# are explicitly requested by the test using extra_ways().
# `make accept` should run all tests exactly once. There is no point in
# accepting a test for multiple ways, since it should produce the same output
# for all ways.
# To make sure all .stderr and .stdout files in the testsuite are never
# out-of-date, it is useful if Phabricator, via a normal `./validate` and `make
# test`, runs each test at least once.
.PHONY: fasttest
$(MAKE) -C testsuite/tests CLEANUP=1 SUMMARY_FILE=../../testsuite_summary.txt fast
.PHONY: test
$(MAKE) -C testsuite/tests CLEANUP=1 SUMMARY_FILE=../../testsuite_summary.txt
.PHONY: slowtest fulltest
slowtest fulltest:
$(MAKE) -C testsuite/tests CLEANUP=1 SUMMARY_FILE=../../testsuite_summary.txt slow