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Sep 19, 2006

  1. Currently we don't build cabal-setup authored
  2. Packages cleanup, and allow new packages to be loaded with :set again

    This cleans up the package subsystem a little.  There are some
    changes to the GHC API as a result.
      - GHC.init and GHC.initFromArgs are no longer necessary.
      - GHC.newSession takes the root of the GHC tree as an argument
        (previously passed to GHC.init).
      - You *must* do GHC.setSessionDynFlags after GHC.newSession,
        this is what loads the package database.
      - Several global vars removed from SysTools
      - The :set command in GHCi can now cause new packages to be loaded,
        or can hide/ignore existing packages.
    Simon Marlow authored
  3. one more boring file

    Simon Marlow authored
  4. fix one boring file

    Simon Marlow authored
  5. unused imports

    Simon Marlow authored
  6. add boring files from a build tree

    Simon Marlow authored
  7. remove old comment

    Simon Marlow authored
  8. unused import

    Simon Marlow authored

Sep 18, 2006

  1. some updates

    Simon Marlow authored
  2. use ghc-pkg --force-files, and update command-line syntax

    Simon Marlow authored
  3. add --force-files, like --force but doesn't allow missing dependencies

    Simon Marlow authored
  4. Added parsing rule for BangPattern in case expr

    Markus Lauer authored
  5. Fix a bug in subsumption, and tweak error messages

    This commit does two largely-unrelated things, but they hit the same code.
    First, I tweaked the error messages a bit, to give better errors
    for impredicative polymorphism.  This added the mb_fun argument to
    Second, I fixed a long-standing bug in tc_sub.  In the isBoxyTyVar case 
    of tc_sub (rule F2) I was not recursing to tc_sub as the rule suggests,
    but rather calling u_tys.  This is plain wrong, because the first
    arugment might have more foralls.   
    The solution is to recurse to tc_sub, but that in turn requires a parameter,
    exp_ib, which says when we are inside a box.
    Test is tc210. authored
  6. Comments authored
  7. Ensure that only zonked poly_ids are passed to tcSpecPrag

    This is a long-standing bug really (Trac #900).  The poly_id passed
    to tcSpecPrag should be zonked, else it calls tcSubExp with a non-zonked
    type; but that contradicts the latter's invariant.
    I ended up doing a bit of refactoring too.  The extra lines are 
    comments I think; the code line count is reduced.
    Test is tc212.hs authored
  8. Comments only authored

Sep 17, 2006

  1. Add a missing renamer dump (related to Template Haskell) authored

Sep 16, 2006

  1. emit an error if the user ran autoconf instead of autoreconf

    Simon Marlow authored
  2. Sanity check that all the core packages are present

    To catch the case of not running darcs-all get.
    Simon Marlow authored

Sep 15, 2006

  1. Instantiate data constructor type variables with the type constructor…

    … type variables in constraints for derived class instances. Fixes instance deriving for GADTs which declar H98 types, closing ticket #902. authored
  2. Fixed error in user's manual, gadt section, part about deriving. Data…

    … constructor type was Maybe, should be Maybe1. authored

Sep 13, 2006

  1. reformat import

    Simon Marlow authored
  2. minor reformatting

    Simon Marlow authored
  3. compiler/ isn't boring

    Simon Marlow authored

Sep 12, 2006

  1. igfoo

    Replace "&" with "and" as this also gets pulled into the docbook docs

    igfoo authored
  2. Another s/autrijus/audreyt/ in comments. authored
  3. Take away XXXs in GADT records related code that are no longer TODOs. authored
  4. Add postfix ops to the release notes authored

Sep 11, 2006

  1. move the "meat" into the wiki, this file just contains pointers now

    Simon Marlow authored
  2. igfoo

    Fix ~2000 second profiling time wrapping bug

    igfoo authored
  3. Document postfix operators authored
  4. Simplify desugaring of left sections

    	MERGE TO 6.6 branch!
    Some while ago I made the type checker a tiny bit more lenient about
    left sections, so that 
    	(x !)
    would typecheck iff
    	((!) x) 
    Strictly, Haskell 98 requires that the section typechecks iff
    	(\y. (!) x y)
    typechecks, and I should really have made the relaxation dependent on a 
    flag, but I didn't.
    Anyway, this commit fixes the *desugarer* so that it correctly desugars
    the programs that the typechecker passes. authored
  5. Add comment authored

Sep 10, 2006

  1. igfoo

    Fix warnings traceBegin/traceEnd implicitly declared

    igfoo authored
  2. igfoo

    Fix linking to expf on Windows

    igfoo authored
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