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Commits on Jan 29, 2013
  1. @igfoo

    Tweak ANNONCE

    igfoo authored
  2. @igfoo

    Update ANNOUNCE

    igfoo authored
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
  1. @igfoo
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. @igfoo
  2. @igfoo

    Use pthread_kill on OS X too

    igfoo authored
    Fixes signals004(threaded1,threaded2) on OS X 32.
  3. @igfoo

    Expose the prototype for getMonotonicNSec

    igfoo authored
    Fixes T3807 on OS X 32.
Commits on Jan 12, 2013
  1. @igfoo
  2. @simonmar @igfoo

    add X86_64_GOTTPOFF relocation for errno

    simonmar authored igfoo committed
    Submitted by: Markus Pfeiffer <> on cvs-ghc
  3. @igfoo
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @igfoo

    Fix build for 7.6 branch

    igfoo authored
  2. @simonpj @igfoo

    Fix bug in External Core pretty printer (fixes Trac #7547)

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    This bug was making GHC loop when printing external core from test T7239.
  3. @igfoo

    Set DBLATEX_OPTS to -P '' (fixes #7486)

    igfoo authored
    Apparently this fixes the build with dblatex 0.3.4.
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. @simonpj @igfoo

    Update strictness documentation (Trac #7546)

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
  2. @simonpj @igfoo

    Tidy the type in badInstSigErr (fixes Trac #7545)

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
  3. @simonpj @igfoo

    Pass the correct inst_tys argument to dataConCannotMatch, in mkRecSel…

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    This fixes Trac #7503.
  4. @simonpj @igfoo

    Fix TcUnify.matchExpectedTyConApp so that it returns types of compati…

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    …ble kinds
    This fixes Trac #7368. The problem was that we were matching
       Bad w ~ f (Bad f)
    where (f :: * -> *).  Thta leads to (w ~ Bad f), which is
    ill-kinded, but matchExpectedTyConApp was returning the (Bad f)
    as the argument type, and that was being used to instanatiate
    w in the data constructor type, which is very bad.
    The code also becomes simpler and easier to understand, which is
    an excellent thing.
  5. @simonmar @igfoo

    A better fix for #7493 (see comment for details)

    simonmar authored igfoo committed
  6. @igfoo
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
  1. @dreixel @igfoo

    Fix #7487

    dreixel authored igfoo committed
    Signed-off-by: Jose Pedro Magalhaes <>
  2. @simonmar @igfoo

    document special "this" syntax for PackageImports (#7409)

    simonmar authored igfoo committed
  3. @igfoo

    MERGED: Fix a bug in the handling of nested orElse

    igfoo authored
        commit f184d9c
        Author: Simon Marlow <>
        Date:   Mon Dec 10 12:00:54 2012 +0000
        Fix a bug in the handling of nested orElse
        Exposed by the following snippet, courtesy of Bas van Dijk and Patrick
        Palka on
        import Control.Concurrent.STM
        main = do
          x <- atomically $ do
                 t <- newTVar 1
                 writeTVar t 2
                 ((readTVar t >> retry) `orElse` return ()) `orElse` return ()
                 readTVar t
          print x
Commits on Dec 7, 2012
  1. @simonpj @igfoo

    Stop attempting to "trim" data types in interface files

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    Without -O, we previously tried to make interface files smaller
    by not including the data constructors of data types.  But
    there are a lot of exceptions, notably when Template Haskell is
    involved or, more recently, DataKinds.
    However Trac #7445 shows that even without TemplateHaskell, using
    the Data class and invoking Language.Haskell.TH.Quote.dataToExpQ
    is enough to require us to expose the data constructors.
    So I've given up on this "optimisation" -- it's probably not
    important anyway.  Now I'm simply not attempting to trim off
    the data constructors.  The gain in simplicity is worth the
    modest cost in interface file growth, which is limited to the
    bits reqd to describe those data constructors.
  2. @igfoo

    Release notes update

    igfoo authored
  3. @simonmar @igfoo
  4. @simonmar @igfoo

    fix code in library initialisation example (#7471)

    simonmar authored igfoo committed
  5. @simonpj @igfoo

    Document promotion of existential data types

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    Thanks to Richard Eisenberg for writing this.
  6. @simonpj @igfoo

    Allow existential data constructors to be promoted

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    This reverts the change in Trac #7347, which prevented promotion
    of existential data constructors.  Ones with constraints in
    their types, or kind polymorphism, still can't be promoted.
  7. @igfoo

    More release notes

    igfoo authored
  8. @igfoo
Commits on Dec 3, 2012
  1. @simonpj

    Fix Trac #7453 on the 7.6 branch

    simonpj authored
    This patch fixes a quite egregious bug. runTcS was intialising
    the 'untouchables' to NoUntouchables, which is quite wrong for
    the invocation in TcSimplify.simplifyInfer.  Result: missed
    skolem-escape check and seg-fault city.
    All this is done differently, and better, in HEAD, so this
    patch is needed only on the branch.
Commits on Dec 2, 2012
  1. @igfoo

    On Win64, mark executables as not supporting bigaddr; fixes #7134

    igfoo authored
    This is a kludge, and means that ghc/haddock won't be able to use
    more than 2G of RAM. But it'll make sure that ghci works in the short
    term while we work on a proper fix.
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. @simonpj @igfoo

    Improve kind inference for tuple types

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    Trac #7410 pointed out a terrible error message, which is
    much improved by this patch.
  2. @simonpj @igfoo

    Make Constraint and * look identical in Core (System FC)

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
    Fixes Trac #7451. See Note [Kind Constraint and kind *] in Kind.lhs.
  3. @dreixel @igfoo
  4. @simonpj @igfoo

    An accidentally-omitted part of commit 8019bc2, about promoting data …

    simonpj authored igfoo committed
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