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Commits on May 25, 2011
  1. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  2. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  3. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  4. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  5. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  6. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  7. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  8. @igfoo

    More DynFlags + SDoc

    igfoo authored
  9. @igfoo
  10. @igfoo
  11. @dcoutts
  12. @dcoutts

    Provide the pkgroot value in ghc-pkg dump & describe when necessary

    dcoutts authored
    Tools handling installed packages need to be able to interpret the
    paths which are relative to the ${pkgroot} which means they need to
    know the value of ${pkgroot}. With ghc-pkg this is not always obvious
    since ghc-pkg does not currently have any way machine interface for
    reporting the location of its package dbs (global, user). The solution
    we have arrived at is simply to emit the pkgroot as an extra field
    when it is needed.
    There are two cases:
     * --no-expand-pkgroot: ghc-pkg dump/describe will not expand the
       ${pkgroot} var, so it will appear literally in the output and the
       pkgroot field will be generated so that tools know what value to
       use for the ${pkgroot}.
     * --expand-pkgroot: ghc-pkg dump/describe will expand the ${pkgroot}
       and ${pkgrooturl} vars and will not generate the pkgroot field.
    The defaults are:
     * ghc-pkg dump/describe --no-expand-pkgroot
     * ghc-pkg field --expand-pkgroot
  13. @simonmar

    sizeExpr: multiply all the sizes by 10, except for primops. This

    simonmar authored
    makes primops look cheap (but not free), and improves the Repro4.hs
    example from #4978.
    While I was making this change I accidentally discovered that
    increasing the discount for scrutinised constructors was an
    unambiguous win, so I did that too.
  14. @simonmar

    prog_argv and rts_argv now contain *copies* of the args passed to

    simonmar authored
    setupRtsFlags(), rather than sharing the memory.  Previously if the
    caller of hs_init() passed in dynamically-allocated memory and then
    freed it, random crashes could happen later (#5177).
  15. @dcoutts

    Add stricter ghc-pkg checks on package file/dir/url fields

    dcoutts authored
    The haddock-html and haddock-interface fields are now checked
    as well. Had to fix up ghc-cabal as it used relative paths for
    the inplace package's haddock-html. It turns out that these
    were never used so it could simply be omitted.
  16. @dcoutts

    Implement ${pkgroot} spec, allows relocatable registered packages

    dcoutts authored
    Historically ghc implemented relocatable packages by allowing
    "$topdir" in the package registration info and having ghc expand
    this with its notion of $topdir. The topdir refers to where ghc
    itself is installed (specifically the libdir).
    The ${pkgroot} spec takes this idea and makes it portable.
    Instead of paths relative to where ghc is installed, they can be
    relative to the package database itself. Thus it is no longer a
    ghc-specific idea and can work for package collections other than
    the global package db.
  17. @dcoutts

    Deprecate the ghc-pkg --auto-ghci-libs flag

    dcoutts authored
    It was never a universal solution. It only worked with the GNU linker.
    It has not been used by Cabal for ages. GHCi can now load .a files so
    it will not be needed in future.
  18. @dcoutts

    ghc-pkg: don't expand ${name}-style env vars by default

    dcoutts authored
    For shell-based build systems the feature is still available as:
      ghc-pkg register --expand-env-vars
    Historically, ghc-pkg allowed environment variables to appear in the
    input files for ghc-pkg register. They are not stored in the package
    database but are expanded upon registration. This feature helped for
    build systems based on makefiles and shell scripts. These days the
    vast majority of such files are generated by Cabal and we don't want
    any ${name} strings (e.g. perhaps in a package description) getting
    accidentally interpreted as an environment variable.
  19. @simonmar
  20. @simonmar
Commits on May 24, 2011
  1. @igfoo

    Disable DatatypeContexts by default

    igfoo authored
    The Haskell' committee decided to remove datatype contexts from the language:
  2. @simonmar
  3. @simonmar

    fix warning

    simonmar authored
  4. @simonmar

    Install the mtl package into the bindist when validating. This allows

    simonmar authored
    some more tests to run (those with reqlib('mtl')) and serves as an
    extra sanity check on Cabal and the bindist.
  5. @simonmar

    fix warnings

    simonmar authored
  6. @simonmar

    make the change to go_pap suggested in #4978. According to nofib, one

    simonmar authored
    program is improved quite dramatically (fft2 30% less allocation), and
    everything else was unchanged.
  7. @simonmar

    Assign more accurate code sizes to primops, so that the inlining

    simonmar authored
    heuristics work better.  Also removed the old unused "needs_wrapper"
    predicate for primops.  This helps with #4978.
  8. @simonmar

    Tweak sizing heurstics for case expressions (see comments).

    simonmar authored
    This improves the code generated for the examples in #4978, and
    appears to make very little difference to nofib.
Commits on May 23, 2011
  1. @simonmar

    Merge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git/.

    simonmar authored
    * 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git/.:
      Revert "Add capability sets to the event system. Contains code from Duncan Coutts."
Commits on May 22, 2011
  1. @dcoutts

    Revert "Add capability sets to the event system. Contains code from D…

    dcoutts authored
    …uncan Coutts."
    This reverts commit 58532eb.
    Turns out it didn't work on Windows and it'll need some non-trivial changes
    to make it work on Windows. We'll get it in later once that's sorted out.
  2. @dmpots

    Added utility to uniquely identify ghc repo states

    dmpots authored
    This commit adds python script that can be used to
    create and restore "fingerprints" of a ghc repo configuration. A
    fingerprint is a list of (sub-repo, commit) pairs. It can be used in
    place of git submodules to record and reinstate the entire commit
    state of the git repos used by ghc.
Commits on May 21, 2011
  1. Fix small type in user guide.

    David Terei authored
Commits on May 19, 2011
  1. @tibbe @simonmar

    Make array copy primops inline

    tibbe authored simonmar committed
  2. @copumpkin @simonmar

    Add array copy/clone primops

    copumpkin authored simonmar committed
  3. @dimitriv
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