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Glasgow Haskell Compiler.ipr


This is the InstallShield setup for GHC; it can be used as a model for other
IS setups.


1. This IS setup is for the full version of IS, *not* the one that
   comes with MS Visual Studio.

2. Merely checking out this tree will not give you a functioning IS
   setup, unfortunately. This is because there are various empty
   directories (which CVS doesn't like). I've not done the usual trick
   of putting spurious files in them in case InstallShield takes
   exception to that.

3. The InstallShield script generates some files entirely by
   itself. These are:

     a. the specs file for gcc
     b. the "front-end" to autoconf (so that it can find its library

It might be useful to record for posterity why some of the less
obvious binaries are in ghc/extra-bin:

uname: for config.guess (used in gmp's configure script)

basename: to find the basename of binaries such as gzip in the main
configure script

uniq: somewhere...
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