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Mirror of ghc repository. DO NOT SUBMIT PULL REQUESTS HERE. Patches are best submitted to GHC's Trac ( or sent to the mailing list (

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This is the root directory for functional-programming tools
distributed by the Computing Science Department at Glasgow University.
Simon Peyton Jones <> is the ringleader of this
effort.  The tools are:

    ghc		the Glasgow Haskell compilation system
    hslibs	collection of Haskell libraries
    haggis	the Haggis GUI toolkit
    happy	the Happy Haskell parser generator
    green-card	a foreign function interface pre-processor for Haskell.
    nofib	the NoFib Haskell benchmarking suite
    literate	the Glasgow "literate programming" system
    glafp-utils shared utility programs
    mk	        GNU make setup used by all of fptools
    docs        documentation on the installing and using
                the fptools suite.

The "literate" stuff is usually distributed *with* other systems, but
not necessarily.  Components which are always part of a distribution
(never stand-alone) are "glafp-utils" and "mk" (a configuration

There is usually an ANNOUNCE* file with any distribution.  Please
consult that, or the <piece>/README file, to find out how to proceed.
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