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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler

(this file is fptools/ghc/README in a source distribution, and
fptools/README in a binary distribution).

GHC is a batch compiler for Haskell 98.  See the file ANNOUNCE for
information on the current version.

Haskell is "the" standard lazy functional programming language.
Haskell 98 is the current version of the language, released in
December 1998.  The language definition is on the Web at

More information on GHC can be found on its web page


In a binary distribution, pre-formatted documentation can be found in
the html and ps directories.  Pre-formatted HTML documentation is also
available on the GHC web page.

In a source distribution, the unformatted (DocBook XML) documentation
is in the following places:

  * fptools/ghc/docs/users_guide  Users' Guide.
  * fptools/hslibs/doc/hslibs	  Library documentation.
  * fptools/docs  		  Build System Guide.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about this software!  Please
do not suffer or grumble in silence.  The "bug reports" section of the
User's Guide says what we would like to know when you report a

Mailing Lists
=============	 (bug reports mailing list)	 (users' mailing list)			 (developers & bleeding-edge users list)

    subscribe at


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