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This directory tree's worth of stuff are utility bits that are used in
more than one of the Glasgow functional-programming tools.  (For the
project-specific bits, try <project>/utils/<blah>.)

 lndir		from X imake stuff (via DuBois); make a shadow tree
		of symbolic links

 ltx		a "latex" wrapper.  Re-runs latex/bibtex/makeindex
		enough times to "do the right thing."

 mkdependC	script version of C makedepend (from X11R4 via DuBois)

 mkdirhier	"mkdir a/b/c/d" will do "mkdir a; mkdir a/b; ..."
		(assuming none of those dirs exist)

 runstdtest	runs a pgm with some flags & some stdin; checks for an
		expected exit code, expected stdout, and expected
		stderr.  (Expect this to change :-)

 verbatim	pre-processor for LaTeX files that typesets text between
		@...@ in typewriter font.

 sgmlverb	pre-processor for SGML that does essentially the same thing
		as verbatim.

 docbook	scripts to process DocBook files stolen from Cygnus DocBook

 genargs	converts whitespace separated strings into partial
		Haskell lists.

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