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Clarify the wording of the 'insert' haddock; fixes #7421

Wording suggested by Bart Massey.
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1 parent 05c03d8 commit 08f3e69e34a889c8b85513b243935665a000bfac @igfoo igfoo committed Jan 2, 2013
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@@ -509,7 +509,7 @@ mapAccumR f s (x:xs) = (s'', y:ys)
(s', ys) = mapAccumR f s xs
-- | The 'insert' function takes an element and a list and inserts the
--- element into the list at the last position where it is still less
+-- element into the list at the first position where it is less
-- than or equal to the next element. In particular, if the list
-- is sorted before the call, the result will also be sorted.
-- It is a special case of 'insertBy', which allows the programmer to

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