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GHC Testsuite Readme

For the full testsuite documentation, please see here.

Quick Guide

Commands to run testsuite:

  • Full testsuite: make
  • Using more threads: make THREADS=12
  • Reduced (fast) testsuite: make fast
  • Run a specific test: make TEST=tc054
  • Test a specific 'way': make WAY=optllvm
  • Test a specifc stage of GHC: make stage=1
  • Skip performance tests: make SKIP_PERF_TESTS=YES
  • Set verbosity: make VERBOSE=n where n=0: No per-test ouput, n=1: Only failures, n=2: Progress output, n=3: Include commands called (default)
  • Pass in extra GHC options: make EXTRA_HC_OPTS=-fvectorize

You can also change directory to a specific test folder to run that individual test or group of tests. For example:

$ cd tests/array
$ make

Testsuite Ways

The testsuite can be run in a variety of 'ways'. This concept refers to different ways that GHC can compile the code. For example, using the native code generator (-fasm) is one way, while using the LLVM code generator (-fllvm) is another way.

The various ways that GHC supports are defined in config/ghc

Adding Tests

Please see the more extensive documentation here.