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GHCJS Examples

These examples demonstrate some of the features of GHCJS. Click on the links below to run the examples in your browser.


  • Lazy Loading
  • Stdout and Stdin
  • Threading and MVars
  • Calling JavaScript from Haskell
  • Calling back into Haskell from JavaScript
  • Embedding JMacro code
  • Using Hamlet
  • Canvas


  • FRP in JavaScript

Multiple Pages

  • Adding GHCJS to an existing website
  • Lazy Loading

Compiled to Native with GHC and WebKitGTK

Build Status

To build and run these examples using WebKitGTK+ then do the following

sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev
mkdir vendor
cd vendor
darcs get --lazy
cabal install ./gtk2hs/tools
cd ..
cabal install cabal-meta cabal-src
cabal-meta install -fgtk3 --force-reinstalls

Due to an issue with gtk2hsC2hs you may have to run that last step twice. You may also need to add -fwebkit1-8 if you have an older version of webkit.

Once this is done you should run the examples with ghcjs-hello freecell multiple-pages [URL to share/multiple-pages-0.0.1/index.html]

Installing WebKitGTK+ is not well supported on OS X and Windows, so we strongly recommend using Linux (or a Linux VM).

Compiled to JavaScript with Integrated GHCJS

Follow the instructions in Integrated section of GHCJS

Compiled to JavaScript with Stand Alone GHCJS

TODO Add instructions....