Cannot build boot libraries against in-place install of ghc #313

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edsko commented Mar 16, 2015

Running ghcjs-boot --dev goes through the configure stage okay, checks out all the submodules and applies whatever patches are available, but then fails with

preparing primops
/Users/e/.ghcjs/x86_64-darwin-0.1.0-$ mkdir_p native
/Users/e/.ghcjs/x86_64-darwin-0.1.0-$ cp /Users/e/ghc/7.8.4/inplace/lib/include/MachDeps.h -> native
during copy from: /Users/e/ghc/7.8.4/inplace/lib/include/MachDeps.h to: /Users/e/.ghcjs/x86_64-darwin-0.1.0-
Exception: /Users/e/ghc/7.8.4/inplace/lib/include/MachDeps.h: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

Note that it's looking for MachDeps.h in the wrong place for an in-place install of ghc (should be /Users/e/ghc-7.8.4/includes/MachDeps.h).

Not a high priority problem of course, most people won't be working with in-place ghc installs :)

luite commented Jun 21, 2015

is there an easy way to find the location, using something similar to ghc --print-libdir perhaps?

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