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@tgingold tgingold released this Dec 14, 2017 · 1292 commits to master since this release

Download statistics:

OS Backend Filesize Downloads
Debian 9 (Stretch) GPL mcode 2.61 MB
Debian 9 (Stretch) mcode 2.93 MB
Ubuntu 14 (Trusty) mcode 3.15 MB
Ubuntu 14 (Trusty) LLVM 14.11MB
Fedora 26 mcode 2.83 MB
Windows x86 mcode 2.31 MB
Windows x86 1) mcode 6.19 MB
Windows x86 (MinGW32) mcode 3.05 MB
Windows x86 (MinGW64) LLVM 12.7 MB
Mac OS X mcode 2.26 MB
Sum: Downloads of GHDL v0.35


  1. The ghdl-.......installer.ps1 file is a PowerShell script with embedded ZIP compressed and a base64 encoded BLOB (Binary Large OBject) variable. It will extract the BLOB and copy all files to the specified installation directory. Run .\ghdl-.......installer.ps1 -Install C:\Path\To\GHDL
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