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Ember Deploy Demo

An example project for deploying Ember applications.


There are a lot of good resources out there on how to deploy ember apps following the strategy suggested by Luke Melia at EmberConf 2015.

The ember-cli-deploy addon takes you 99% of the way there and makes this deploy method super simple.

This project puts together all the pieces and show an example workflow that allows you to use Redis/Cloudfront to serve your app in production but also to use Redis in development as well, avoiding the need to proxy from ember to your server side API.

Live Demo/Slides

The project is currently hosted here: Live Demo

The server app serves the index.html from ember-cli and exposes an API endpoint that returns the slides.

Running the Project(s)


  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Redis

Switch into the Rails project and install dependencies:

$ cd edd-rails
$ bundle install

Start the server:

$ bundle exec rails server

Looking at http://localhost:3000, you should see "INDEX NOT FOUND" displayed. This is because we've yet to deploy an index to Redis in development.

Switch into the Ember project and install dependencies:

$ cd ../edd-cli
$ npm install
$ bower install

Start the server:

$ ember server

After the initial build, you'll see a line line:

- ✔ Activated revision `__development__`

in the console. This means that the index has been pushed to Redis. Let's check Redis:

$ redis-cli
> KEYS edd-cli*
1) "edd-cli:current"
2) "edd-cli:revisions"
3) "edd-cli:__development__"

Looks like Ember CLI Deploy pushed the indexes in. Go ahead and head back to the Rails app at http://localhost:3000 to see the __development index "running" inside the Rails app via Redis.


Please let me know what you think!


@lukemelia @levelbossmike @elucid and all the other contributors to ember-cli-deploy


An example project for deploying ember applications



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