Make a human readable Changes file #3

dolmen opened this Issue Sep 18, 2012 · 3 comments

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The Changes as a dump of git log is unreadable.
Look for example at release 0.12 that has a single line: "travis.yml: add travis ci config". This change is totally irrelevant for CPAN users (I even wonder why a realease was published for this change).
By the way if I want to see the log of the revision control system I can go to and it'is much more readable.

So a human readable changelog would be much welcome. CPAN::Changes::Spec could be used as a template.


You are perfectly right. I thought of switching to sane changelogs a few times but never done it out of laziness. The NextRelease Dist::Zilla plugin looks like a good start.

(btw, the 0.12 release was meant to update the META.* files after I changed my GitHub username)

@ghedo ghedo closed this in 25f69a7 Sep 19, 2012

Fixed! Should be more readable now, what do you think?



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