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  • Soundtrack of your life
  • Video is ubiquitous but not easy to add soundrack
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • in 2016 digital video will reach nearly $5 billion
  • Self-Made video mash-up will be big market

Project Goal for Hackathon

  • Find the best matching video clip from a video clip or an image
  • Provide groundwork for future improvements


  • Extract an image for every second of the video. The extracted image is in JPG format with a size of 100 x 100.
  • Use TensorFlow's Inception to associate the images with 1,000 classifications
  • Find the best matching video clip of these images based on cosine similiary matrix
  • Bonus Task: Mash-up the matched music with the user provided clip

Technology Stack

  • Pipeline to download lots of videos from youtube
  • Preprocessing of videos
  • Frames extraction
  • Feature extraction using TensorFlow's Inception neural network model
  • Cosine similarity with closest video match in our db
  • Mashup between uploaded video and videoclip found
  • Web app

Future Improvements

  • Train on more videos, at least 10,000 videos to train
  • Customize TensorFlow's Inception with new classes
  • Better business use cases e.g. better recommender
  • Sentiment Analysis based on video/ image color to better match the mood of music a.k.a. style transfer music

Video and Music Data Sources