Glitch on Space Station 13 - A puzzle game originally created for the js13kGames 2016
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Glitch on Space Station 13

Build Status

A puzzle game originally created for the js13kGames 2016, submitted as Glitch in Outer Space.

Js13kGames entry:

Branch for the entry submitted:

Webpage and latest version:

Original descripton

Controls for desktop

  • Move: arrow keys or W-A-S-D
  • Grab/drop: Q
  • Use: E
  • Mute: M

Controls for touch devices:

  • Move: use the joystick on the right
  • Grab/drop/use/mute: use the buttons on the left

How to

From the start point there are 7 doors, 6 are locked and will be unlocked as you progress through the puzzles.

There is a tutorial and 5 puzzles in total, plus a bonus. The basic mechanics are shown in the tutorial but some of the puzzles need more than that - be creative, try things and combinations, go explore, use your ears and avoid the flickering glitch monster.


Zsolt Heja - music, graphics, level design

Gabor Heja - code, sounds, level design