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Archive Mail Message.scpt

  • .vimrc: based on
    • see comments for dependencies
    • uses airline for sweet status bars
    • uses command-t for editing lots of buffers at once
    • has special rules for markdown and prose editing
    • on OS X, requires 256-color settings.
  • .bash_profile
    • use our own krb5.conf
    • fancy prompts
    • vi editing of the command line
  • .gitconfig
  • .screenrc
    • enable 256 colors
    • persistent ssh connections
  • .ssh/config: enabled forwarding agent
  • .ssh/rc: allows for persistent ssh connections, requires .bashrc stuff
  • Archive Mail Message.scpt: associate with Control-A for gmail-like archiving in
  • .toprc
  • defaults for OS X, currently enabling Kerberos in Chrome
  • .dircolors: "brew install coreutils" to make this work on OS X
  • Helper script to turn goobook output into RFC822-compliant email addresses. Intended to be called from Mutt.