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Contributing to React Async

Thanks for your interest in improving React Async! Contributions of any kind are welcome. Please refer to this guide before opening an issue or pull request.

This repo relies on Yarn workspaces, so you should install and use yarn@1.3.2 or higher as the package manager for this project.

Development guide

Please have the latest stable versions of the following on your machine

  • node
  • yarn

Initial setup

To start working on React Async, clone the repo and bootstrap the project:

git clone
cd react-async
yarn && yarn bootstrap
yarn build && yarn test

Working with Storybook

We use Storybook as a development environment, particularly for the DevTools. Spin it up using:

yarn storybook

This should open up Storybook in a browser at http://localhost:6006/ Run it side-by-side with yarn test --watch during development. See Testing.


Use yarn lint to verify your code style before committing. It's highly recommended to install the Prettier and ESLint plugins for your IDE. Travis CI will fail your build on lint errors. Configure VS Code with the following settings:

"eslint.autoFixOnSave": true,
"eslint.packageManager": "yarn",
"eslint.options": {
  "cache": true,
  "cacheLocation": ".cache/eslint",
  "extensions": [".js", ".jsx", ".mjs", ".json", ".ts", ".tsx"]
"eslint.validate": [
  {"language": "typescript", "autoFix": true },
  {"language": "typescriptreact", "autoFix": true }
"eslint.alwaysShowStatus": true

This should enable auto-fix for all source files, and give linting warnings and errors within your editor.


Use the following command to test all packages in watch mode. Refer to the Jest CLI options for details.

yarn test --watch

In general, this is sufficient during development. Travis CI will apply a more rigorous set of tests.

Testing for compatibility

yarn test:compat

This runs all tests using various versions of react and react-dom, to check for compatibility with older/newer versions of React. This is what Travis runs.

Working with the examples

In the examples folder, you will find sample React applications that use React Async in various ways with various other libraries. Please add a new example when introducing a major new feature.

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