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1 parent 54dda57 commit 43f0f2c3c6c98cf154d863cc674a4f95f655c662 @ghenry committed Nov 28, 2011
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  1. +11 −4 lib/Net/
15 lib/Net/
@@ -499,10 +499,17 @@ C<Net::KashFlow::Invoice> objects assigned to this customer.
use base 'Net::KashFlow::Base';
- Contact Address2 ShowDiscount CheckBox1 EC OutsideEC PaymentTerms Discount
- Postcode CheckBox2 Website ExtraText1 Source Email Notes ExtraText2 Mobile
- Updated Telephone Code CustomerID Address1 Address4 Created Name Address3 Fax
- ExtraText3 ExtraText4 ExtraText5
+CustomerID Code Name Contact Telephone Mobile Fax Email Address1 Address2
+Address3 Address4 Postcode Website EC OutsideEC Notes Source Discount
+ShowDiscount PaymentTerms ExtraText1 ExtraText2 ExtraText3 ExtraText4
+ExtraText5 ExtraText6 ExtraText7 ExtraText8 ExtraText9 ExtraText10 ExtraText11
+ExtraText12 ExtraText13 ExtraText14 ExtraText15 ExtraText16 ExtraText17
+ExtraText18 ExtraText19 ExtraText20 CheckBox1 CheckBox2 CheckBox3 CheckBox4
+CheckBox5 CheckBox6 CheckBox7 CheckBox8 CheckBox9 CheckBox10 CheckBox11
+CheckBox12 CheckBox13 CheckBox14 CheckBox15 CheckBox16 CheckBox17 CheckBox18
+CheckBox19 CheckBox20 Created Updated CurrencyID ContactTitle ContactFirstName
+ContactLastName CustHasDeliveryAddress DeliveryAddress1 DeliveryAddress2
+DeliveryAddress3 DeliveryAddress4 DeliveryPostcode
sub _this { "Customer" }

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