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1 # IRC interface for Stack Overflow chat
3 This is an IRC interface to Stack Overflow chat.
4 This program is an IRC server which you run on your local machine, and you connect to it on its port (6668 by default) using any IRC client.
6 In the spirit of "the simplest thing that can possibly work", there are currently limitations:
8 - the only connected channel is "Chat Feedback" (77)
9 - everything you say is echoed back to you
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10 - encoded entities like `"` are not decoded
11 - HTML leaks through to IRC
12 - an action in IRC shows up as "ACTION blah blah" on SO
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13 - HTTP errors cause an exception and exit
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14 - everything is undoubtedly fragile
16 You must copy `soirc.config.sample` to `soirc.config` and insert your `somusr` cookie value from your browser.
17 Then, run `` and connect to localhost port 6668 with your IRC client.
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