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=== Welcome to the Databases Practical Aproach 1 Project ===

This README file contains usefull and important hints for all development team members.


Commit messages have to be meaning full and concise at the same time.
They should enable everyone of your team to know whats the current status of you project,
as well as they should be usefull for the project documentation.


clone the repo from server to your local machine
> git clone git@github.com:jonassanoj/dbpro.git

add a file to the git index (stage it)
> git add respectiveFile

put a file into the repo (now it's tracked)
> git commit respectiveFile -m 'Here the commit message must be entered.'

mark a file to be removed from repo (need to be commited!)
> git rm respectiveFile 

send changes to tracked remote branch
> git push

forward local commits to the updated remote repo
> git rebase

merge changes from tracked remote branch
> git pull

see the status of all fileS in the current git folder in your repository
> git status

show all commits chronological
> git log

adding a global ignore file to your repository (switch to the root of your git directory before!)
> git config --global core.excludesfile .gitignore_global

set your email/name (they are associated with your commits)
> git config --global user.name yourName
> git config --global user.email yourEmail