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DataMeta - submission server for data and associated metadata

Data submission made easy! DataMeta allows you to easily define sample sheet columns, value constraints for the sample sheet and columns which are associated with raw data file names.

DataMeta is quick and easy to deploy on your local infrastructure and scales for high numbers of users!


Quick Installation

  1. Create a directory for the datameta configuration (of your choice)

    mkdir /usr/local/lib/datameta
    cd /usr/local/lib/datameta
  2. Edit the configuration file

    The fields that require changing are marked with # CHANGE THIS. You may want to perform additional adjustments to the compose file to fit your needs.

  3. Download the Docker compose file

    curl -LO
  4. Create the Docker volumes for persistent file and database storage

    docker volume create datameta-db
    docker volume create datameta-filestorage
  5. Start up your DataMeta Instance

    docker-compose up -d