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TinyCLR Ports

This repository hosts example ports of TinyCLR OS for different platforms -- along with the TinyCLR OS reference implementation: the FEZ. For information on building a firmware, see

The FEZCLR firmware is maintained by GHI Electronics while others are maintained by community contributions.

Keep in mind that building a firmware from source here will not include the additional commercial features that are found in the pre-compiled firmwares we provide for our comercial System on Modules (SoM).


In order to contribute to TinyCLR, you must sign a GHI Electronics Contribution License Agreement (CLA) before we can accept any pull request from you. This only needs to be done once for any project from GHI Electronics. You can read more about CLAs on their wikipedia page.

If we don't have a CLA on file for you when you make your pull request, we'll ask you to do so. Just download the above file, sign it or have your employer do so if required, upload the signed copy, then send it to us at clas at ghielectronics dot com. Once we receive and verify it, we can then review and potentially accept your pull request.


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