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The XP framework offers consistent, multi-purpose, object oriented, production-tested collection of classes, APIs for app server connectivity, web services, dynamic web sites, date access and manipulation, logging, collections, I/O, databases, O/R mapping, XML, unittesting, and much more.
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XP Framework

Build Status on TravisCI Build Status on Jenkins BSD Licence Required PHP 5.3+

This is the XP Framework's development checkout


Clone this repository, e.g. using Git Read-Only:

$ cd [path]
$ git clone git://

Directory structure

`- core
   |- ChangeLog         # Version log
   |- boot.pth          # Bootstrap classpath
   |- tools             # Bootstrapping (lang.base.php, class.php, xar.php, web.php)
   `- src               # Sourcecode, by Maven conventions
      |- main
      |  `- php
      `- test
         |- php
         |- config      # Unittest configuration
         `- resources   # Test resources


The entry point for software written in the XP Framework is not the PHP interpreter's CLI / web server API but either a command line runner or a specialized web entry point. These runners can be installed by using the following one-liner:

$ cd ~/bin
$ curl | php

Using it

To use the the XP Framework development checkout, put the following in your ~/bin/xp.ini file:




To contribute, use the GitHub way - fork, hack, and submit a pull request!

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