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The XP framework offers consistent, multi-purpose, object oriented, production-tested collection of classes, APIs for app server connectivity, web services, dynamic web sites, date access and manipulation, logging, collections, I/O, databases, O/R mapping, XML, unittesting, and much more.

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XP Framework

This is the XP Framework's development checkout

Directory structure

|- core               # The XP Framework's core
|  |- boot.pth        # Bootstrap classpath
|  |- ChangeLog
|  `- src             # Sourcecode, by Maven conventions
|     |- main
|     |- test
|     `- resources
`- tools              # Entry point
   |- tools           # Bootstrapping (class.php, xar.php, web.php)
   `- src             # Sourcecode, by Maven conventions
      `- main

Using it

To use the the XP Framework development checkout, put the following in your xp.ini file:

# Windows

# Un*x


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