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Sending Rosters by SMS

You've put together an roster and now you just need to share with your staff. How do you do that? You could print it out, stick it up all over the workplace, and make sure everyone sees it — but wouldn't it be easier to just send each person their shifts straight to their phone?

PayAus can do this for you. Just click the link at the top of any roster.

Click the link to send a roster by SMS

Sending Rosters by SMS

Sending rosters by SMS is a simple process. Usually you won't need to configure anything — just click send. By default, rosters will be sent to all staff who have a schedule entered in the relevant roster, and who have a phone number in PayAus. To make things even easier, PayAus even shows you a preview of the message that will be sent on the right hand side of the screen when you hover over someone's name.

Sending rosters by SMS

Tick the checkboxes next to the names of the staff you'd like to send a roster too, then click Send Notifications when you're ready. Each of those staff will get sent a message containing their roster.

SMS messages are charged at a standard rate of 25 cents per message. This is included in your periodic PayAus bill.


Because of the way sending SMS works, it may take a few minutes for the message to arrive. If you do come across any issues, please contact us and we'll be delighted to help!

Exclamation Marks

User with an exclamation sign

If you see an employee with an exclamation mark next to their name, they don't have a phone number in PayAus, so they can't get sent a roster by SMS. Add a phone number on their details page then refresh the page.

Grayed Out Names

User with a grayed out name

If you see an employee with their name grayed out, you haven't filled out their schedule, so there aren't any times to SMS them. By default, their name isn't ticked, so they won't get a message. If you tick their name they'll get a message that looks like

You are not rostered to work for the week starting Monday, 25/02.

Alternatively, add their times to the roster, or remove them from the roster!

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