A startup template new Ruby on Rails4 applications
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Rails Startup template

This is a template I use for my new Ruby on Rails 4 applications. Pull requests are welcome.

How to Use

rails new [app_name] -m rails_startup_template/template.rb

What it does

  1. Adds the following gems:

  2. Sets up foreman to deal with environment variables and background services. Instead of using rails s you should use foreman s. Add your own environment variables in the .env file.

  3. Cleans up assets by renaming application.css to application.css.scss and removing the include_tree directives. It's better design to import and require things manually. For example, @import 'bootstrap';

  4. Optionally installs Twitter bootstrap.

  5. Optionally installs Font Awesome.

  6. Initializes a new git repository with an initial commit.


Here are some things I'd like to add:

  • Optionally create a github repository. That sould be done by asking for username/password and issuing a curl API call.