Angular 5 Sample Application
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Botanic NG

Angular 5 Sample Application

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  • You will need Java 8 and `Maven.

How to Run

$ mvn clean spring-boot:run -Pui

The easiest way to run solely the UI is to use Spring Boot.

$ spring run app.groovy

and visit http://localhost:9900. Please make sure that the backend is running (com.hillert.botanic.MainApp)

How to Build

You can also serve the UI using Angular CLI. As a prerequisite you need to have NPM installed. Go into the ui directory:

$ cd ui/

Next, install all dependencies needed:

$ npm install

Now you can start the UI using:

$ npm start

No you can visit http://localhost:4200. Please make sure that the backend is running (com.hillert.botanic.MainApp)