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Accessible and easily customizable HTML 5 media player, as a jQuery plugin.
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Acorn Media Player - jQuery HTML5 media player Flattr this git repo

Acorn Media Player is a HTML5 media player with a focus on accessibility and customization.

Articles describing its development on Dev.Opera:



Acorn Media Player is built with accessibility in mind. It provides full keyboard control using standard tab-based navigation, screen-reader (and other AT) support, accessible themes, and other accessibility tweaks.


This is yet no native support for closed captioning on HTML5 , but that shouldn't stop you from providing them. It supports external SRT files just like desktop media players.


Along with closed captions support, the player provides a dynamic transcript generated from the selected captions.

Other features

Other notable features include:

  • Easy customization and theming
  • Fullscreen support
  • Buffering indicator
  • support
  • Loading indicator
  • Remembers volume level using HTML5 LocalStorage
  • Easy to use, understand and adapt
  • Free and Open Source

How to use

  1. Mark-up your <audio> and <video>
  2. Include jQuery and jQuery UI Slider
  3. Include specific JavaScript and CSS for Acorn Media Player
  4. Include the Theme(s)
  5. Call the plugin

More details on the projects webpage.


These are the themes included with the player:

  • access(default theme) Includes child theme accesslight

  • darkglass Includes child theme darkglasssmall

  • barebones



Acorn Media Player is licensed under the MIT license.


Acorn Media Player does not provide any fallback for old browsers, or those that don't support the provided video format.

You can provide your own fallback using Video for Everybody.

Acorn Media Player is a project by Ionuț Colceriu.

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