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Sometime forensic investigators need to process digital images as evidence. There are some tools around, otherwise it is difficult to deal with forensic analysis with lot of images involved. Images contain tons of information, Ghiro extracts these information from provided images and display them in a nicely formatted report. Dealing with tons of images is pretty easy, Ghiro is designed to scale to support gigs of images. All tasks are totally automated, you have just to upload you images and let Ghiro does the work. Understandable reports, and great search capabilities allows you to find a needle in a haystack. Ghiro is a multi user environment, different permissions can be assigned to each user. Cases allow you to group image analysis by topic, you can choose which user allow to see your case with a permission schema.

Official website: Ghiro and Image Forensics Forum:

Community and reports

To report bugs or request for new features you can use the ticketing system or you can just drop us an email or DM us on Twitter. Any pull request will be really appreciated.

Enjoy the Ghiro and Image Forensics Forum ( for any discusssion regarding Ghiro or Image Forensics. You are also welcome in our IRC chat on Freenode network, configure you client for:

Channel: #ghiro