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Ghiro Appliance Builder

Ghiro appliance builder is a script to automagically create a Ghiro appliance ready to be used, based on Ubuntu.

Using this script you should be able to create your own Ghiro appliance updated to Ghiro's developed branch. You can easily customize the appliance building script to have your own customized appliance.

You can download latest stable appliance release on Ghiro website:

Getting started

Download and install Packer from You must have VirtualBox installed and access to internet (to download Ubuntu's packages).

Check out this repository and run:

$ packer build template.json

You will see packer run an create the Ghiro appliance: spawn a Virtualbox machine, run the initial setup, reboot, and install all software required. It can take more or less 30 minutes depending on your system performance.

Setting a proxy

If you need to set a proxy to donwload installation packages from internet, set the following line in http/preseed.cfg:

d-i mirror/http/proxy string http://your_proxy_ip:your_proxy_port
d-i mirror/https/proxy string https://your_proxy_ip:your_proxy_port

Hardware settings

By default the appliance is created with the minimum hardware requirements:

  • 1 CPU
  • 1 Gb RAM

Giving more RAM and more CPUs is recommended if possible. More CPUs you can assign faster image processing you get.

Configure networking

By default the appliance is created with a bridged network interface on your eth0 interface. If you like different settings, just edit the virtual machine settings in your virtualization software (i.e. VirtualBox, Vmware).


Scripts to create the ultimate Ghiro appliance.



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