Aurelia-Bootstrap-Plugins are Custom Elements to bridge with a set of 3rd party Bootstrap addons
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Aurelia-Bootstrap-Plugins was coded to bridge with a set of commonly used 3rd party Bootstrap addons. The goal of these Plugins is to support, as much as possible, the full suite of (options, methods & events) from their original 3rd party addons while easily using them in Aurelia.

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Available plugins

Available plugins (separate module)

Planned plugins

  • Aurelia-Bootstrap-Typeahead / source Typeahead.js
    • got no time to work on this, it is not coming anytime soon, however I do have a working proof of concept with remote/prefetch, just no time to finish it.


A quick Aurelia skeleton for CLI, WebPack and the all new ASP.Net Core WebPack 2.x (Jods new version) were put in place to demonstrate all the currently available plugins usage of Aurelia-Bootstrap-Plugins. All samples are configured to run at http://localhost:9000

npm install can be replaced by yarn install if you prefer yarn


git clone
cd client-cli
npm install # or: yarn install
au run --watch


Uses Aurelia-Navigation-Skeleton which is based on the new Jods Aurelia-WebPack 2.x base

git clone
cd client-wp
npm install # or: yarn install
npm start # or: yarn start

Aurelia ASP.Net Core - WebPack (typescript)

This is based on the new Jods Aurelia-WebPack 2.x base, please make sure to read his Wiki - Getting Started

git clone
cd client-aspnetcore-ts
npm install # or: yarn install
dotnet restore
dotnet watch run


MIT License


Contributions are welcome. This plugin was created to help the community (and myself), if you wish to suggest something and/or want to make a PR (Pull Request), please feel free to do so.

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