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!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnTitlebar Mouse2 :StartTabbing
!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnTitlebar Double Mouse1 :Shade
OnTitlebar Mouse3 :WindowMenu
!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse1 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartMoving}
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse3 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartResizing BottomRight}
!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnToolbar Mouse4 :NextWorkspace
OnToolbar Mouse5 :PrevWorkspace
OnDesktop Mouse1 :HideMenus
OnDesktop Mouse2 :WorkspaceMenu
OnDesktop Mouse3 :RootMenu
OnDesktop Mouse4 :NextWorkspace
OnDesktop Mouse5 :PrevWorkspace
Mod1 Tab :NextWindow
Mod1 Shift Tab :PrevWindow
Control Shift F1 :Workspace 1
Control Shift F2 :Workspace 2
Control Shift F3 :Workspace 3
Control Shift F4 :Workspace 4
Control Shift F5 :Workspace 5
Control Shift F6 :Workspace 6
Control Shift F7 :Workspace 7
Control Shift F8 :Workspace 8
Control Shift F9 :Workspace 9
Control Shift F10 :Workspace 10
Control Shift F11 :Workspace 11
Control Shift F12 :Workspace 12
Mod1 F4 :Close
Mod4 r :ExecCommand xterm
Mod4 c :ExecCommand xcalc
Mod4 k :ExecCommand kwrite
Mod4 y :ExecCommand ¨date | osd_cat -c white -f -*-lucida-medium-r-*-*-20-*-*-*-*-*-*-* -o 20 -p top -A center¨
Mod4 a :ToggleDecor
#Mod4 Mod1 bracketright :SetAlpha +5 +5
#Mod4 Mod1 bracketleft :SetAlpha -5 -5
Mod4 e :RootMenu
Mod4 f :Fullscreen
#Mod4 d :ShowDesktop
Mod4 d :ToggleCmd {ShowDesktop} {DeIconify all originquiet}
Mod4 q :KillWindow
Mod4 s :Shade
Mod1 F2 :Exec fbrun
Control Mod1 Left :prevWorkspace
Control Mod1 Right :nextWorkspace
None XF86AudioLowerVolume :Exec amixer sset Master,0 5%-
None XF86AudioRaiseVolume :Exec amixer sset Master,0 5%+
None XF86AudioMute :Exec amixer sset Master,0 toggle
None XF86LaunchD :Exec xbacklight -time 10 -steps 1 - 10
None XF86LaunchE :Exec xbacklight -time 1 -steps 1 + 10
## ResizeMode (Window, Resize) - when Mod4 w Mod4 r is pressed, all keys except the arrow keys are disabled. Press escape to exit this mode.
Mod4 w Mod4 r :KeyMode ResizeMode
ResizeMode: None Up :ResizeVertical -2
ResizeMode: None Down :ResizeVertical +2
ResizeMode: None Left :ResizeHorizontal -2
ResizeMode: None Right :ResizeHorizontal +2
## MoveMode (Window, Move) - when Mod4 w Mod4 m is pressed, all keys except the arrow keys are disabled. Press escape to exit this mode.
Mod4 w Mod4 t :KeyMode MoveMode
MoveMode: None Up :MoveUp 2
MoveMode: None Down :MoveDown 2
MoveMode: None Left :MoveLeft 2
MoveMode: None Right :MoveRight 2
#Hide/Show toolbar with 2 macro commands until Toggle/Reconfigure bug/feature is fixed
Mod4 comma :MacroCmd {SetResourceValue session.screen0.toolbar.visible false} {Reconfigure}
Mod4 period :MacroCmd {SetResourceValue session.screen0.toolbar.visible true} {Reconfigure}
None Print :Exec import -window root ~/screenshots/desktop_screenshot$(date +%F,%T).png
Mod4 Print :Exec import -frame -window $(xprop _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW -root | awk '{print $5}') ~/screenshots/active_window_screenshot$(date +%F,%T).png
Mod4 n :Exec zenity --calendar --text=""
#Mod4 KP_2 :Exec (date +'Today: %A %b %d';echo;cal -3)| gmessage --file - -buttons "GTK_STOCK_CLOSE" -font "monospace 8" -geometry 500x190 --borderless -default "GTK_STOCK_CLOSE" -center
#Mod4 KP_3 :Exec (date +'Today: %A %b %d';echo;cal -y)| gmessage --file - -buttons "GTK_STOCK_CLOSE" -font "monospace 8" -geometry 500x525 --borderless -default "GTK_STOCK_CLOSE" -center
#Mod4 F1 :ToggleCmd {ExecCommand setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout ru -variant winkeys} {ExecCommand setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us}
#Mod4 l :ExecCommand setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout ru -variant winkeys
#Mod4 Cyrillic_de :ExecCommand setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us
Mod4 m :Maximize
Mod4 h :Exec /bin/bash /home/ghisguth/