HTTP/REST micro service providing over-the-network firmware management
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HTTP/REST micro service providing over-the-network firmware management.

Starts a small cowboy instance that returns status about the current firmware, and accepts updates to the firmware via a REST-style interface.

See also nerves_firmware, the library on which this module depends.


Add nerves_firmware_http to your list of dependencies in mix.exs and a json library, by default you can use exjsx:

  def deps do
    [{:nerves_firmware_http, "~> 0.4"},
     {:exjsx, "~> 4.0"}]

Using a Different JSON Provider

To use a different JSON provider, simply specify one in your deps:

  def deps do
    [{:nerves_firmware_http, "~> 0.4"},
     {:poison, "~> 3.1"}]

And pass the module in your config

  config :nerves_firmware_http,
    json_provider: Poison,
    json_opts: []

That's all. Your firmware is now queriable and updatable over the network.


In your app's config.exs, you can change a number of the default settings by setting keys on the nerves_firmware_http application:

key default
:port 8988
:path "/firmware"
:json_provider JSX
:json_opts []
:timeout 120000

So, for instance, in your config.exs, you might do:

  config :nerves_firmware_http,
    port: 9999,
    path: "/services/firmware",
    json_provider: Poison,
    json_opts: [space: 1, indent: 2],
    timeout: 240_000

Using Firmware.Push

You can stream the .fw files over the network to a device by using the nerves_firmware_http package. You can specify a .fw file directly, or let mix figure it our for you based on your target.

mix firmware.push --target rpi0

Excercising the REST API with curl

Getting Firmware Info:

curl "http://my_ip:8988/firmware"

Updating Firmware and Reboot:

curl -T my_firmware.fw "http://my_ip:8988/firmware" -H "Content-Type: application/x-firmware" -H "X-Reboot: true"