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OpenLP Plugin to Import Services from Planning Center Online
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OpenLP Plugin to Import Services from Planning Center Online

Windows/Linux INSTALL:

To install this plugin in OpenLP, create a planningcenter folder under the OpenLP plugins directory in your OpenLP installation. Then, copy the repository contents into your planningcenter folder.


Right click on OpenLP in the Applications Folder and select "Show Package Contents". Then create a new folder at Contents/MacOS/plugins/planningcenter and copy the repository contents into it.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Make sure the plugin in listed and marked as "Active" under the Settings -> Manage Plugins menu item. If it is "Inactive", toggle it to "Active" in the "Manage Plugins" popup dialog.
  2. To use the plugin, select "File -> Import -> Planning Center Service" in the menu.


When you first start up the plugin, it will ask you for your "Application_ID" and "Secret". Follow the instructions to get these for your Planning Center Online account. There is no means to use a username and password -- you must create and use the "Application_ID" and "Secret" codes from the Planning Center Site (

After you have authenticated successfully, then those credentials will be saved in the application for future use.

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