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Releasing Pyramid
- Do any necessary branch merges (e.g. master to branch, branch to master).
- On release branch:
$ git pull
- Do platform test via tox:
$ tox -r
Make sure statement coverage is at 100%::
- Run Windows tests for Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2 if feasible.
- Make sure all scaffold tests pass (Py 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and pypy on UNIX; this
doesn't work on Windows):
$ python pyramid/scaffolds/
- Ensure all features of the release are documented (audit CHANGES.txt or
communicate with contributors).
- Copy relevant changes (delta bug fixes) from CHANGES.txt to
docs/whatsnew-X.X (if it's a major release).
- Make sure docs render OK::
$ cd docs
$ make clean html
There should be no meaningful errors or warnings.
- Change version to the new version number.
- Change docs/ version to the new version number.
- Change CHANGES.txt heading to reflect the new version number.
- Make sure PyPI long description renders (requires ``collective.dist``
installed into your Python)::
$ python check -r
- Create a release tag.
- Make sure your system Python has ``setuptools-git`` installed and release to
$ python sdist register upload
- Edit `
- Publish new version of docs.
- Announce to maillist.
- Announce to Twitter.
Announcement template
Pyramid 1.1.X has been released.
Here are the changes:
A "What's New In Pyramid 1.1" document exists at .
You will be able to see the 1.1 release documentation (across all
alphas and betas, as well as when it eventually gets to final release)
at .
You can install it via PyPI:
easy_install Pyramid==1.1a4
Enjoy, and please report any issues you find to the issue tracker at
- C