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The home of the developer portal.


  • First, clone or download the repo and run npm install.

  • Next, you need to make an .env file in the root directory.

  • Obtain a token from Github here and select checked scopes only (only two)

    • repo : Full control of private repositories
      • repo status : Access commit status
      • repo_deployment : Access deployment status
      • public_repo : Access public repositories
      • repo:invite : Access repository invitations
  • Copy your Github token and place it in your .env file by entering: GITHUB_TOKEN = "YOUR TOKEN"

  • Run npm run dev and go to http://localhost:3000 to view the site. The dev server hot loads, which will automatically show your changes without having to restart the server.

  • After you make your changes, simply open a plull request.

Add a translation for the tutorials

In the directory static/lib/tutorials we have some directories with the name of the languages translated, to add a new translation, simply add a new folder in the static/lib/tutorials with your translation. An Example, if you translate the tutorials, to Brazilian Portuguese, you must use the pt_BR as the name of the directory. Inside the directory pt_BR, you need to follow the same struture we use in en_US, with all tutorials separated in markdown files and an index.js file that's export the tutorials and the titles. After finish the translations, you also need add your translation in the index.js file inside staic/lib/tutorials.

Plugins maintains a list of community-created plugins here. If there are any plugins you have created or one you use often that isn't listed please send a pull request. Please note the existing categories, but if your plugin does not fit one feel free to create your own. Please keep the plugins in alphabetical order to be fair to all contributors.

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