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OpenVisualizer is part of UC Berkeley's OpenWSN project. It provides monitoring, visualization, and debugging for an OpenWSN-based wireless sensor network. See the project home page_ for more information.


You may install OpenVisualizer with the standard pip command line, as shown below. See the pip installation instructions_ if it is not installed already. You must be logged in with Windows administrator or Linux superuser privileges to install to system-level directories.


> pip install openVisualizer

Alternatively, you may download the OpenVisualizer archive, extract it, and install with the standard Python command line, as shown below. This command uses pip to retrieve other required Python libraries.


> python install


You also may need to separately install a driver for a USB-connected mote. On Windows, a couple of other tools are required. See the OpenVisualizer installation page_ for a list.

Running, etc.

Once everything is installed, you may run the web interface, GUI, or command line utiltity as described on the OpenVisualizer home page.

To uninstall a pip-based installation, use the command line::

> pip uninstall openVisualizer

Please contact us via the mailing list_ or an issue report_ if you have any questions or suggestions.

| Thanks! | The OpenWSN Team

.. _home page:

.. _installation instructions:

.. _installation page:

.. _mailing list:

.. _issue report:

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