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ESP32 port of JJRobots brilliant B-ROBOT_EVO2
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ESP32 port of JJRobots brilliant B-ROBOT_EVO2

The robot: Robot

Circuit top: Circuit Top

Circuit bottom: Circuit Bottom

Pin connections (refer to defines.h to change):

  • Enable motors: P12
  • Servo: P17
  • Motor1 Dir: P27
  • Motor1 Step: P14
  • Motor2 Dir: P25
  • Motor2 Step: P26
  • I2C pins for gyro: (defaults) SDA=P21, SCL=P22

ESP-32 Board is a NodeMCU ESP32s, see Pinout.

Important note: At the time of this writing (January 2018) the recent version of arduino-esp32 contains changes that break the I2C communication with the IMU a few seconds after startup. This version is known to work reliably for the purpose of the robot:

For more details on the I2C problem mentioned, please refer to these issues (haven't tried the forks mentioned there):

Further discussions, information, circuit diagrams and more you can find in the corresponding thread in JJRobots forum at

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