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Go Mixmax

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A golang Mixmax client library.


go get


Check out the Mixmax API documentation for an exhaustive list of examples and explanations.

View the GoDoc for implementation details on go-mixmax

Here are some simple examples:


mixmax := mixmax.New(apiKey)
params := &models.ContactParams{
    Email: "",
    Name:  "test",

err := mixmax.Contacts.New(params)


mixmax := mixmax.New(apiKey)
params := &models.Send{
    To:      []*Recipient{&Recipient{Email: ""}},
    From:    "",
    Subject: "Welcome to the Mixmax API",
    HTML:    "The body of the email",

err := mixmax.Send.New(params)


Each major API resource is contained under the main mixmax client, so usage requires initializing the mixmax client with your Mixmax API Token and importing models that will be used to send requests. This example uses the Contact resource, but other resources follow the same pattern:

import (
    mixmodels ""

mm := mixmax.New(MIXMAX_API_TOKEN)

err := mm.Contact.New(mixmodels.ContactParams)

contacts, err := mm.Contact.List()


Go Mixmax is still in early development with changes likely to come. If you spot problems or missing functionality open an issue or submit a pull request.

Note: The /insightsreport resource is not yet implemented