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Yet Another Translator for CM3D2

As the name implies, this is a translation loader plug-in for CM3D2. Use it to replace in-game strings, textures and assets.

Yet Another Translator is a replacement for Unified Translation Plug-in and TranslationPlus.
You must remove them before installing Yet Another Translator. You can leave the translation assets.
More information in the installation guide.

Download the latest release

View the wiki for help

Main features

  • Patchers for Sybaris and ReiPatcher
  • String and asset replacing (pretty much the same)
  • Supports old assets from previous translation loaders.
  • Fixed texture replacing
  • CM3D2 VPVR support
    • All strings translateable, all main UI elements replaceable
  • Tagged translations (the one containing [HF], etc.) no longer require RegExes
    • This fixed some tagged translations not working (like the ones ending with ...?)
    • Text scrolling effect now works with translations
  • Logging and dumping is improved
    • You can log different asset translation separately
    • Can dump untranslated assets and textures
  • Subtitle support
  • Text-to-clipboard supported internally
  • VR mode support: subtitles are visible with head-mounted displays

Why another translation plug-in?

Yes, I do know that there are already two identical plug-ins, albeit one being for ReiPatcher (the Unified Translation Plug-in) and the other for Sybaris (TranslationPlus).

However, neither are

  • updated for CM3D2 version 1.49 and newer,
  • providing support both for Sybaris and ReiPatcher,
  • are open sourced (while TranslationPlus is available on GitHub, there is no licence, and the plug-in is pretty much a recompiled UTP).

Thus this plug-in was written from scratch while maintaining similar functionality and public API. Moreover, this plug-in was made solely with CM3D2 in mind, which allowed to simplify some code and remove some unneeded quirks.


To build you need to:

  1. Download the source code
  2. Have MSBuild 15.0 installed
  3. Place required assemblies into Libs folder. More info in the folder's README.
  4. Run build.bat

Contributing, problem reporting

If you have suggestions or any problems related to the plug-in, feel free to create an issue. If you do so, please, tag your issues accordingly.

Feel free to fork, edit and create pull requests.


Yet Another Translator -- Translation plug-in for CM3D2 remade from scratch





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