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IMGUI Translation Loader

Unity's Immediate Mode GUI is often used to quickly debug Unity games. However, the IMGUI is also used by many game mods and plug-ins to generate in-game GUIs.

This plug-in allows to easily translate these GUIs.

Download the latest release

View the wiki for help

Main features

  • Based on YATranslator
  • Built for Sybaris/ReiPatcher and UnityInjector
  • Translates GUIs on by-assembly basis
  • Support for RegExes
  • Supports dumping original strings
  • Performance overhead as low as possible
  • Two translation modes: by-plugin and global


Yes, this plug-in is most likely not the most unique. For instance, I know of CM3D2.UnityUITranslator, but I have yet to locate it. I already had working core for translation loading, and modifying it to work with IMGUI was simple enough.

I decided against merging this feature into YATranslator simply because of performance factor: YATranslator has many powerful features, but there are simply too many of them to do such a simple task. Moreover, I'm quite sure not everyone wants to have the all-in-one package like YAT: some may simply want to translate just the IMGUI.

Note that translation IMGUI comes with its own costs: consult the FAQ for more info.


To build you need to:

  1. Download the source code
  2. Have MSBuild 15.0 installed
  3. Place required assemblies into Libs folder. More info in the folder's README.
  4. Run build.bat

Contributing, problem reporting

If you have suggestions or any problems related to the plug-in, feel free to create an issue. If you do so, please, tag your issues accordingly.

Feel free to fork, edit and create pull requests.