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IMGUI Translation Loader is configured using INI configuration file provided by UnityInjector.

Configuration file location

The configuration file is located in <game folder>\IMGUITranslationLoader\IMGUITranslationLoader.ini. If the file does not exist, run the game once. This will create a default configuration file.

Available configuration options

Config section


(Default: True)

Specifies, whether the strings are reloaded. Can be either True or False.


(Default: True)

Specifies, whether plug-in log messages should be output to the console. Can be either True or False. Use this to verify that IMGUI Translation Loader detects the strings it should translate.

Note that in the normal release IMGUI Translation Loader does not output information about strings that are being translated! To get that information, you must use the DEBUG build of this plug-in.


(Default: False)

Specifies, whether IMGUI Translation Loader should dump strings it failed to translate. Can be either True or False. Plase read about Resource dumping before using this option.


(Default: False)

An optimization flag to prevent re-translating translated text.

If set to True, every time the plug-in will encounter a string that has been previously translated, the plug-in will reverse the translation before translating the same string again. This is useful if the translation files are reloaded in-game, as this will update all visible string translations right away.

If set to False, the plug-in will not re-translate strings, but reloading translation files will not update visible string translations until the in-game scene is reloaded manually.


(Default: False)

Enables or disables Global Mode.

In default mode (Global Mode off), IMGUI Translation Loader operates as follows:

  • Each translation file inside IMGUIStrings folder is treated as a translation for a specific plug-in.
  • When an in-game IMGUI string is encountered, IMGUI Translation Loader determines the name of the plug-in that owns the string.
    • This check is known to cause in-game FPS drops
  • A string is translated only if the plug-in that owns it has a corresponding translation file defined in IMGUIStrings.

When in Global Mode, IMGUI Translation Loader makes all translating global as follows:

  • All translation files inside IMGUIStrings are loaded into the memory. All translation files are treated as "global" translations.
  • Plug-in name checking is disabled; all strings are treated as if they come from the same plug-in
    • This vastly increases performance especially if there aren't many translations present.
  • A string is translated only if it is present in some translation file.

Global Mode can increase performance in some cases. Note, however, that if plug-ins share the same original string, they will get the same translation (or some untranslated plug-in will get some parts of it translated).