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+Planet Clojure
+This is the source code of [Planet Clojure](
+Planet Clojure runs on [Venus]( which is
+written in [Python]( (a *fine* programming language).
+The template of Planet Clojure was designed by
+[Brajeshwar](; so all credit goes to him.
+Adding yourself to Planet Clojure
+If you have a blog on Clojure and want to feature on Planet Clojure,
+fork this project on Github, edit the file `clojure/config.ini` and
+add your blog feed URL and your name in the following format -
+ [http://path/to/your/blog/feed/]
+ name = Your Name
+After you are done, commit the change to your repository and send me a
+pull request. I will be happy to add you to Planet Clojure.
+Note: Please add the feed which contains only those posts which are
+Clojure/Lisp related. As a policy we do not put generic feeds on Planet
+Reporting Bugs
+If you have an issue with the design or even Planet, feel free to send
+me pull requests of your fixes. I will be happy to merge those into
+my tree.
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