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Getting started

  $ git clone
  $ git clone

  $ cd sketchpad

  $ lein deps

  $ lein run

Once the Sketchpad is open you need to select Open Project under the Project menu and open the Overtone directory. To explore the examples select examples in the Doc Tree. Once you select and example you can evaluate an entire file in the repl by hitting cmd E.

About the project

The Overtone Sketchpad is a Google Summer of Code project which aims to create an IDE inspired by Processing for programming audio with Clojure and Overtone. Like Processing, the goal is to create an editor and project management application simple enough for a child to download, load an example, and click run. Beyond that it will provide a centralized UI to incorporate new Overtone GUI elements, manage Overtone projects, live code with repl driven development, and most of all worry about sound design and not platforms, dependencies, and enviroments. The project will be built on top of Clooj and seesaw.

There is a wiki setup for sharing ideas and features so please feel free to jump in the conversation.

For the most current information on the project check out the project blog


Copyright (C) 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.