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Twitter: Nirmalya Ghosh

This is an application for building HTML pages using Next.js, TailwindCSS and Chakra UI. This application consists of the following packages:

  1. builder: Next.js application built with Chakra UI.
  2. backend: TailwindCSS components built using React.js.

Table of contents


This application is built using the following technologies:

  1. Chakra UI
  2. Emotion
  3. Next.js
  4. TailwindCSS
  5. TypeScript


  1. Node.js
  2. npm


1. Builder: Next.js application

This application is the primary user-facing application. Once it’s up and running (see Installation section), it’s available on http://localhost:3002/.

2. Sections: TailwindCSS components

Hasura is an open source engine that connects to our databases & micro-services and auto-generates a production-ready GraphQL backend. It’s very easy to get Hasura up and running on our local system. All the migrations are set up in the migrations directory.


1. Clone the application

git clone

2. Change directory

cd writy

3. Install necessary dependencies for the frontend application

yarn bootstrap

4. Start the packages

From the root directory, we can run the following command to start both our packages:

yarn dev

The above command will start the frontend application on http://localhost:3002/.


Frontend application

Click on the button below to deploy the Builder package on Vercel. You'll need to sign up for a free Vercel account.

Deploy with Vercel

Other interesting repositories

  1. Hasura Next.js Boilerplate
  2. Strapi Next.js Boilerplate
  3. React Search Box
  4. LinkedIn Clone using Create React App


This project is licensed under the MIT License.