Docker containers for executing Ghost Inspector test suites within your Dockerized environments.
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Docker Test Runner

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Ghost Inspector test runner images can be used within your local or CI environment to test your docker application. These docker images utilize ngrok, a utility for creating temporary, secure VPN tunnels to access your Docker application.

There are 2 configurations:

Base Image (basic)

$ docker pull ghostinspector/test-runner-node

The base image test runner is designed for you to extend with your source files for the purpose of testing your application. An example of using this method can be found in the README.

Dockerfile available here.

View image on Docker Hub.

Standalone (advanced)

$ docker pull ghostinspector/test-runner-standalone

The standalone test runner is designed for use within an existing docker environment where it is not possible (or desireable) to change the base configuration of your container through the use of Docker container networking. More details can be found in the README.

Dockerfile available here.

View image on Docker Hub.


Changes pushed to Github will automatically be built (and published) by our CI system. For local testing, images can be build with the command:


If you wish to target a single image, you may pass the name as a parameter, either node or standalone:

./build node


Please open issues in Github or send questions to Ghost Inspector support.


  • 2018-03-05 - initial version.