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FROM node:8
MAINTAINER Ghost Inspector <>
# Install unzip
RUN wget -qO- | tar -x -C /bin/
# Install ngrok (latest official stable from
RUN set -x \
&& unzip -o / -d /bin \
&& rm -f /
# Add ngrok config.
COPY ./includes/ngrok.yml /home/ngrok/.ngrok2/
# Install jq.
ADD /bin/jq
RUN chmod +x /bin/jq
# Add the script that will run the tes suite.
COPY ./includes/bin/runghostinspectorsuite /bin/runghostinspectorsuite
# add our user
RUN useradd -ms /bin/bash ghostinspector
USER ghostinspector
WORKDIR /home/ghostinspector
# This is the port you can use to interact with ngrok's API.
# The primary script.
ENTRYPOINT ["/bin/runghostinspectorsuite"]