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CDM: The Console Display Manager
To run cdm, use
$ cdm [RCFILE]
cdm tries to source configuration files in this order, and uses the first
existing one:
[RCFILE specified on command line]
To autostart cdm when you log in your account, copy the content of
/usr/share/doc/cdm/ to the tail of your shell profile (~/.profile,
See /etc/cdmrc for examples.
Copyright (C) 2009-2011, Daniel J Griffiths <>
Thanks to:
Andrwe beta-testing and submitting the fix for the all
important X incrementation function
brisbin33 code cleanup
tigrmesh finding a critical issue with the gnome-session handler
Profjim several incredibly useful patches
lambchops468 consolekit and hibernation patches
CasperVector Massive rearchitecturing and code sanisation
Licensed under GPLv2+
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