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1 parent 6eb00db commit 46bed3d4c45daba290560fd566c980db3b9daade @CasperVector CasperVector committed Aug 23, 2012
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@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
-install -d /usr/bin/ /etc/ /usr/share/doc/cdm
-install -Dm755 src/cdm src/cdm-xlaunch /usr/bin/
+install -d /usr/bin /etc /usr/share/doc/cdm/themes
+install -Dm755 src/cdm src/cdm-xlaunch /usr/bin
install -Dm644 src/cdmrc /etc/cdmrc
-install -Dm644 themes /usr/share/doc/cdm
-install -Dm644 README ChangeLog* src/ themes /usr/share/doc/cdm
+install -Dm644 README src/ /usr/share/doc/cdm
+install -Dm644 themes/* /usr/share/doc/cdm/themes

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